Role of the Inspector General

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducts fact finding, audits, and other inquiries pertaining to administrative or operational matters as deemed appropriate by the Board of Supervisors, County Executive, Sheriff, or concerned Department Head. Upon request the Inspector General may also:

  • Accept complaints directly from or assist members of the public in filing complaints of misconduct involving county employees;
  • Monitor and/or conduct fact finding pertaining to select allegations of employee misconduct;
  • Audit investigations and conduct systemic reviews of the disciplinary system;
  • Interview or re-interview complainants and witnesses to ensure that investigations are fair, unbiased, factually accurate and complete;
  • Provide complainants with timely updates on the status of investigations, excluding disclosure of any information which is confidential or legally protected;
  • Serve as a conduit to community leaders and the public to explain and clarify procedures and practices, and to mitigate and resolve disputes;
  • Provide preemptive training in internal investigations and conflict resolution.